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“I could not recommend Peaceful Littles enough! Michelle did more for us in three weeks than years of other professional sleep help! We found that she really thought about our son's personality and what was causing the root of his sleep problems.”

“Michele was the sweetest and extremely easy to work with while going through the sleep training process.She knew exactly what to say to keep me from getting discouraged. We are very grateful for the time and effort she put into helping our family get on a regulated schedule!”

“With Michele’s sleep plan, we noticed results immediately. Our daughter was content and sleeping on her own (and in separate bedroom) for all naps and bedtime within one day! Within two days, she was sleeping through the night. Michele’s informative and non-judgmental approach gave us the confidence and tools necessary to create healthy sleep habits for both our daughter and us.”

“Within 3 days, we saw our son learning to self soothe, and sleep through the night again! He is a happier child through the day and we are happier as a family as we are all getting the important rest we need! The whole process once implemented gave us great results and the support we received was amazing! Thank you so so much Michele!”

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