There’s an overwhelming amount of information available and it’s hard to find exactly what you need, especially when you are exhausted. Let me support you on the path to more peaceful and predictable sleep.

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Baby (4-18 months)

Struggling with inconsistent sleep habits for your baby? This plan is for you. We'll work together to create a personalized sleep plan for your little that eliminates frequent night wakings, elongates naps and creates a peaceful sleep experience for your entire family. Start seeing more restful sleep for your baby in just two to three weeks.

Healthy sleep starts when your baby is born. With these tools, you will learn how to set your baby up for success for years to come. This package is suitable for families with babies up to 3 months of age. This package makes a great baby shower gift!

Sleep Tune Up

Toddler & Preschool (18 months-6 years)

Looking to connect with Michele and get your questions answered? This package is for you. Schedule a 45-minute consultation, to ask your sleep questions, clarify uncertainties, and get the guidance you need for your little.

Sleep struggles don’t disappear as our children get older. When working with toddlers & preschoolers, we integrate a variety of techniques to promote confidence and self-worth within your little to make bedtime a more peaceful process.

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“Absolutely life-changing. We wish we would have done this many months sooner! The progress was shockingly fast and Michele was such a pro, helping us every step of the way with tips and suggestions. We are SO happy and so grateful to have had this experience with her.”
– Emma

“Working with Michele was just what our family needed! Michele met with us to understand our pain points and what our goal was. She came up with a detailed plan for each girl and provided us with daily support in answering our questions. In two weeks, we have completely changed sleep at our house.”

“Michele is AMAZING! We wish we started this months ago. Michele is extremely knowledgeable, kind and patient. She helped us get our daughter on a schedule. Do not think twice about hiring Michele - it will be the best decision you make for your child and family!”
-Caitlin & Tim

“Michele is a wonderful sleep consultant. She made us feel like she was a partner in our sleep journey with our children. She was patient, thoughtful, responsive and tailored sleep plans for our 3 yo and 6 mo to our family's, and children's, needs.”
-Erin & Sam

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