How to Introduce Your Little to the SlumberPod

Are you planning to travel soon with your little? Are you needing a sleep environment at a grandparent’s house where napping conditions are not ideal? The SlumberPod is an amazing sleep tool to bring with you! Not only is it a portable blackout environment, but it is also safe. You can insert a playard, mini-crib or toddler cot inside of it and set up is seamless. Here are some tips to introducing the SlumberPod to your little to allow for an easy sleep transition.


Set Up at Home

If you are bringing the SlumberPod with you on vacation, I suggest setting it up ahead of time at home. Start by keeping it unzipped and putting a few toys in the play yard or mini-crib for your little to play.* This will allow them to become acclimated to the environment, without being expected to fall asleep at first. *Important to note I would not leave the toys inside when it is sleep time.* I would now take it one step further & play peek-a-boo with your little by zipping and unzipping it. Not only will this allow them to hear the noise of the zipper and become familiar with that, but will also help with the separation when you are putting them to sleep moving forward.

You can also have your little sleep in the SlumberPod for a few nights at home before leaving for your vacation or packing it up for their grandparents house.


Repeat Upon Arrival

Once you arrive at your destination, I suggest setting the SlumberPod up prior to nap or bedtime and repeating the steps mentioned above in that new location. If your little is needing some reassurance that you are nearby, I suggest having them fall asleep at first with it partially unzipped or providing some checks until they are settled.

Do you have further questions about introducing the SlumberPod? Reach out to me via email and I can help!

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